Larry Wahl has been a Chicoan since 1945, when his parents, Lester and Ethel, relocated the Wahl family. He attended school here in Chico and graduated from California State University, Chico, with additional business studies at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia.


Wahl married Mary Fanno, a native of Chico, and they have five children. He joined the United States Navy and led a distinguished career as a Commander.


A veteran of the Vietnam War, Wahl flew 178 aircraft carrier based combat missions and has over 3500 hours as a pilot.  He was the Director of Aircraft Operations and Maintenance for over 300 high performance aircraft.  During the Reagan Presidency, Wahl was the Liaison Officer for “Western White House” aircraft operations.  He was the Airport Operations Director for a major southern Calfornia airport.  He designed and implemented the operations and training program for Harrier Jump Jet and Aircraft Carrier Operations for the Spanish Navy. He served as an exchange pilot with the US Marine Corps for three years testing, evaluating and training new pilots in the early Harrier Vertical Take Off and Landing Jet.


Their children are grown, married, and have children of their own.  Larry Wahl has been on the Butte County Board of Supervisors representing Chico’s 2nd District for the last eight years.  He served Chico for ten years as a member of the Chico City Council.  He is the former Chairman of the Chico City Planning Commission.  He serves on the Chico Salvation Army Advisory Board and Butte Humane Society Board. He is an Eagle Scout and a member of the Trinity United Methodist Church in Chico.


Re-elect Larry Wahl to the Butte County Board of Supervisors for Chico’s 2nd District so he can work hard for the area we all love.